Gamification of Bitcoin Adoption with Will Reeves | Value Stack 22

Will Reeves is the CEO of Fold and co-creator of Bitopoly. His companies are leading the way in making Bitcoin adoption and education fun and approachable.

He’s doing big things to further Satoshi’s vision of bitcoin for all, and I’m excited to release this episode where we discussed strategies for making Bitcoin adoption viral, building companies in volatile markets, and how to make a good game or app that keeps users coming back for more.




  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:00 Bitcoin Story
  • 5:20 Separating Signal from Noise
  • 8:50 Evolution of Fold app and Staying Bitcoin-only
  • 11:30 Barriers to Bitcoin Adoption
  • 16:00 Designing the Buy Bitcoin feature at Fold
  • 20:00 Making Apps That Are Fun to Use
  • 22:20 Keeping a Light-Hearted Approach to Bitcoin
  • 26:00 Embracing Variable Rewards in Fold App
  • 34:00 Hiring Culture
  • 41:10 Fold Metaverse
  • 46:10 Building a Community of Passionate Users
  • 48:40 Anatomy of a Strategy Game
  • 57:55 Bitopoly – The Bitcoin Party Card Game
  • 1:03:18 Importance of Nature and Being Outdoors
  • 1:06:00 Finding Fulfillment in Work
  • 1:08:00 Favorite Bitcoin Meme / Socials / Outro