Cashu – Chaumian Mints on Bitcoin with CalleBTC | Value Stack 31

CalleBTC is a lightning network developer and creator of Cashu protocol, which is an implementation of Chaumian mints on bitcoin lightning network.

In Value Stack Ep 31, we discuss how it works and differs from bitcoin on-chain and the lightning network, compare to other implementations and existing custodial relationships, and even do a demo at the end to show how easy it is to get Cashu tokens.




  • 0:00 Intro – @callebtc
  • 0:50 How does Chaumian e-cash work?
  • 7:41 How e-cash and Chaumian mints improve upon existing custodial relationships
  • 12:39 Blind signature e-cash analogy
  • 14:40 How e-cash scales bitcoin and improves privacy
  • 22:00 E-cash mints and custodial trust
  • 31:25 Cashu explained (e-cash for bitcoin)
  • 42:20 Roadmap for 2023 – Cashu library and protocol development
  • 51:32 Comparing Cashu and Fedimint – 2 Chaumian mint implementations on bitcoin
  • 54:33 How to get Cashu tokens through lightning network
  • 57:45 Bitcoin scaling narrative and altcoins
  • 1:04:45 app demo
  • 1:08:05 Outro