Ordswap, PSBT-Exchanges, and Bitcoin Adoption with Jack Liu | Value Stack 34

Jack Liu is a founding member of Ordswap and has been working in the Bitcoin industry for the past decade in various capacities.

In Value Stack 34, we discuss Ordswap.io, the first trustless bitcoin ordinal/inscriptions exchange, and how his team had to build a working product in under a week!

We also review how ordinals and trustless PSBT exchanges work, and speculate on what the future implications might be for inscriptions and NFTs as a trojan horse for bitcoin adoption.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:35 Building the world’s first bitcoin ordinal exchange in 72 hours
  • 6:54 Why should bitcoiners care about ordinals?
  • 14:48 Ordswap.io, trustless PSBT exchanges, how to use ordinals
  • 26:20 Early ordinal collections rarity / history
  • 34:30 Bitcoin consensus and inscriptions/nfts
  • 39:05 Ordinals as a trojan horse for bitcoin adoption
  • 55:40 Staying power of NFTs/inscriptions on bitcoin
  • 1:05:25 Outro