Starting a Self-Hosting Server Revolution with Matt Hill | Value Stack 47

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Show Description

What is cloud-computing and why is it a paradigm we should be uncomfortable with? Matt Hill of Start9 joins Value Stack Podcast for a discussion about the current state of computing and why self-hosting and running a home server is more important than ever before.

StartOS is an open source Linux distribution optimized for running a personal server. It facilitates the discovery, installation, network configuration, service configuration, data backup, dependency management, and health monitoring of self-hosted software services.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:28 How did we get to the cloud computing paradigm?
  • 03:30 Computer client and server architecture explained
  • 11:30 How does relying on centralized servers affect freedom?
  • 15:00 How are servers and clients designed differently?
  • 18:05 The fight over privacy, personal data, and politics
  • 26:55 How will the Bitcoin ETF change bitcoin?
  • 29:10 Does technology push sovereignty forward?
  • 37:20 How culture, education, and technology are interlinked
  • 42:25 Why trust is essential in a flourishing human society
  • 46:30 About Start9 and StartOS – Run a Sovereign Personal Server
  • 52:30 Why SaaS needs to disappear
  • 01:00:11 Why StartOS is fully FOSS
  • 01:11:00 DNS, encryption, Google and search
  • 01:14:33 On censorship and ransomware
  • 01:19:58 Why running a home server is more secure than cloud computing
  • 01:26:30 Why you should start with self-hosting a password manager like Vaultwarden
  • 01:31:09 What’s on the StartOS roadmap?
  • 01:37:16 How Start9 is building a new product category – the personal server
  • 01:45:00 Daemon and Freedom TM book recommendations- Daniel Suarez
  • 01:47:15 How is StartOS different than UmbrelOS, CasaOS, etc?
  • 01:58:23 The AI and LLM revolution
  • 02:03:43 IoT and the future of the computing paradigm
  • 02:13:55 Outro