Value Stack #36

3D Printing Bitcoin Shop with CryptoCloaks Rick

CryptoCloaks Rick is a small business owner, and regular dude building and 3D Printing for the bitcoin community. His team and print shop, CryptoCloaks, is the go-to for unique Bitcoin products and all 3D-printed-to-order and custom parts.

This one is a long episode – 2 hours of wide-ranging topics – from turkey factories, to running an online shipping business, designing 3d printing bitcoin space heaters, to moving out the cities, bitcoin & lightning network tech, privacy, fiat lifestyle, and more.

Rick and I had a great time recording this one – check out CryptoCloaks and all the awesome custom things they’re printing out of the shop. Check out the chapters below!


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 04:37 Business ebbs and flows based on BTC price
  • 10:15 Bitcoin doesn’t actually exist
  • 13:20 3D basics
  • 17:20 Where to start 3D printing?
  • 21:30 Fusion 360- CAD Design Software for 3D Modeling
  • 22:44 Jennie-O Turkeys – Designing better killing machines 😬
  • 27:20 Disconnecting from tech & getting in nature
  • 35:00 Why Bitcoin Twitter is waste of time
  • 41:10 Why Bitcoin isn’t discussed as much on Value Stack
  • 45:10 The File Factory – The decision to open-source files to the 3D Printer community
  • 48:40 The Legendary CryptoCloaks spouse-proof S9 Space Heater
  • 57:56 The Best Idea Ever for guerilla marketing publicity (hat will soon be stolen)
  • 1:05:00 Expanding and Marketing CryptoCloaks
  • 1:10:45 Upgrading the Print Shop & Big Bobby – The Mega 3d Printer
  • 1:12:45 Rise of popularity in self-hosting tools
  • 1:16:25 Is 3D printing safe? Assessing print and filament quality
  • 1:19:14 Purchasing land & creating the retirement life you want for later
  • 1:21:55 Importance of loving what you do – time vs money
  • 1:30:30 Minnesota & Midwest life
  • 1:32:45 Record snow & skiing in 2023 for Colorado
  • 1:35:30 NOLA weather
  • 1:38:00 Outdoor recreation in Colorado
  • 1:40:10 Self-defense laws
  • 1:43:00 The impossible task of trying to keep pace with @BTCSessions, the machine
  • 1:46:00 Bitcoin and Lightning Tutorial Videos on this channel
  • 1:50:00 Crowdfunding Big Bobby and 3d-printed pins
  • 1:54:45 Outro

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