We are UNDER ATTACK with Jameson Lopp | Value Stack 48

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Show Description

Jameson Lopp is a cypherpunk, creator of bitcoin resources page lopp.net and co-founder of Casa.
In this episode we discuss how privacy in the US and bitcoin are UNDER ATTACK.

And Bitcoin Testnest is also UNDER ATTACK…. by Jameson Lopp?


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:30 Why Jameson Lopp is attacking Bitcoin Testnet
  • 12:10 The State of Bitcoin Mining Post-Halving
  • 20:30 Lopp’s view on current bitcoin mainnet development like OP_CAT
  • 24:15 Privacy is under attack
  • 29:00 Our gainz are under attack
  • 35:00 Outro – resist the narrative wars!