Financial Planning for Bitcoiners with Zechariah Schaefer | Value Stack 41

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Show Description

Zechariah Schaefer, CFP®, is the founder of Ascent, a next-generation wealth management & tax firm helping Founders, Tech Professionals, & Crypto Investors to reduce taxes, build wealth intentionally, & invest wisely. Due to his firm’s unique Gen Z & Millennial niche, flat-fee model, & his 10,000+ social media following, Zechariah’s been featured in CNBC, Forbes, Investopedia, & more.

In this episode, we discuss a financial advisor’s perspective on bitcoin, and how this asset is a growing part of younger investors’ planning. We talk about practical ways that people can improve their own financial position, debt and leverage, philosophies of value and diversification, and more.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 1:40 Why should someone still consider a financial advisor in 2023?
  • 4:40 How do financial advisors compete in an automated investing world?
  • 7:45 Why did you start your own RIA instead of joining a big firm?
  • 11:55 What areas of advice do millenials in tech need help with?
  • 26:10 Most common Gen-Z financial planning mistakes
  • 31:00 How do you create a beginning financial plan?
  • 33:45 How do you think about debt in 2023?
  • 37:00 Discussing personal residence real estate as an investment
  • 39:00 How do you define “value”?
  • 44:20 Asset allocation for crypto investors in 2023
  • 51:00 Considering children and family in a financial plan
  • 53:06 Bitcoiner’s take on retirement accounts and social security
  • 56:00 Money printing, bitcoin, CBDCs and predicting our future monetary system
  • 1:05:00 Custodial bitcoin
  • 1:08:40 Outro – General tips to improve your own financial position

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If you’re interested in learning how bitcoin can serve as a part of a sound financial plan, check out Zechariah’s social media below.