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  • Value Stack #38

    RGB, Ordinals, and Bitcoin Development with Hunter Beast Hunter Beast is a freedom-lover and Rust developer focused on building with Bitcoin layers. He’s also Director of Engineering at DIBA, where […]

  • Value Stack #37

    Content Creation and Gen Z Bitcoiners with Jack Sweeney Jack Sweeney is a Gen Z YouTuber turned passionate Bitcoin advocate. He currently writes about the lightning network for LN Capital […]

  • Value Stack #35

    Natural Winemaking, Risk-Taking, and Low-Time Preference Mindset with Ben Justman Ben Justman is a small business owner, winemaker and bitcoiner in Western Colorado. His winery, Peony Lane, is a Natural […]

  • Value Stack #32

    Sovereignty, Bitcoin Mining, and Government with Colin Crossman Colin Crossman has been a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has a background in law and engineering, and in addition […]

  • Value Stack #23

    Bitcoin Culture with Mark Goodwin Mark Goodwin and his team produce the quarterly print edition of Bitcoin Magazine. In this episode, we talk about bitcoin culture, differences in strategies of […]

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